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A Note from the Author: The RSS Diary is Closed was built to help marketers get the most from RSS. However, much has changed since the site was last updated in 2007 - and it's pretty fair to say that it's now completely outdated.

Since I've moved on to other interests in internet marketing years ago, the site is now officially closed, and only remains online as an archive of a part of internet marketing's past. This is how we used to see RSS between 2004 - 2007. We don't, anymore, but there's no harm in having a small part of our past available online.

With that, I'm also making the e-book that started all of this, Unleas the Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS, available for free download.

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The NewsGator Interview: How are Vista and IE Changing the RSS Landscape?


I interviewed Greg Reinacker of NewsGator end of January, as part of the interview series for the 2007 edition of the RSS e-book.

NewsGator is one of the leaders in the Enterprise RSS space, a provider of top-breed RSS Readers and also a branded RSS Reader vendor.

So, you can imagine we had alot to cover.

In part 1 of the interview, find out about how Windows Vista and Internet Explorer are changing the RSS landscape ...

  • How are Vista and Internet Explorer changing the world of RSS marketing and RSS content consumption?

  • How much and how quickly will they make an impact?

  • Are they really the game changer every marketer expects them to be?

  • What changes can we expect?

  • How can marketers take advantage of the advances Vista offers for RSS?

Click here to listen to the interview [MP3; 8 min.]

Rok Hrastnik Avtor: Rok Hrastnik

Rok Hrastnik is an experienced international internet marketer and manager in Central & Eastern Europe, lead by the conviction that marketers should first be driven by measurable business outcomes: sales and profits.

He is currently serving as the International Internet Director at Studio Moderna, the leading CEE direct response TV & multi-channel retailer, managing their internet operations across 22 countries (Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, the Baltics and others).