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A Note from the Author: The RSS Diary is Closed was built to help marketers get the most from RSS. However, much has changed since the site was last updated in 2007 - and it's pretty fair to say that it's now completely outdated.

Since I've moved on to other interests in internet marketing years ago, the site is now officially closed, and only remains online as an archive of a part of internet marketing's past. This is how we used to see RSS between 2004 - 2007. We don't, anymore, but there's no harm in having a small part of our past available online.

With that, I'm also making the e-book that started all of this, Unleas the Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS, available for free download.

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[06.03.2011 l Rok Hrastnik]

Changes at The RSS Diary

After years of zero posting, The RSS Diary is now officially closed. Also, we've just made Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS e-book available as a free download.
[05.07.2007 l Rok Hrastnik]

Unleash RSS Marketing in Japan

Just got word from my Japaneese publisher that Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS is scheduled to be released in Japan in print end of July. Oh, and thanks to Geoff Livingston for putting the book on his list of 25+ Great New Media Books.
[04.06.2007 l Rok Hrastnik]

How Google's Acquisition of FeedBurner Will Change RSS Marketing

It's been the talk of the RSS industry: Google just acquired FeedBurner, a leading RSS Metrics and RSS Advertising company. But what does all of this mean for RSS Marketing? Is this just another stepping stone for Google to become the ultimate advertising company?
[03.05.2007 l Rok Hrastnik]

The NewsGator Interview: RSS in the Enterprise - Manage Internal Information More Easily

In part 3 of the RSS interview with Greg Reinacker of NewsGator find out how Enterprise RSS makes information management easier within a corporation.
[03.05.2007 l Rok Hrastnik]

The NewsGator Interview: RSS for Online Media and Branded RSS Readers

In part 2 of the RSS interview with Greg Reinacker of NewsGator find out how online media can take advantage of RSS beyond publishing RSS content.
[03.05.2007 l Rok Hrastnik]

The NewsGator Interview: How are Vista and IE Changing the RSS Landscape?

In part 1 of the NewsGator interview, find out about how Windows Vista and Internet Explorer are changing the RSS landscape ...
[03.05.2007 l Rok Hrastnik]

Flying to Boston for the ACCM Conference

If you're in Boston or are coming to the ACCM conference, drop me a note.
[16.04.2007 l Rok Hrastnik]

Bryan Eisenberg RSS Interview, part 2: RSS Marketing Best Practices

What works best in RSS marketing? How are RSS subscribers different than e-mail subscribers? RSS publishing best practices if you want to sell? Find out all this and more in one of the best RSS marketing interviews we've done so far ...
[11.04.2007 l Rok Hrastnik] Discussions and Reviews via RSS

Two Amazon RSS content delivery options I missed.
[04.04.2007 l Rok Hrastnik]

Bryan Eisenberg RSS Interview, part 1: Making RSS Radars Work to Increase Your Sales

How is the famous optimization resource doing RSS Radars in an entirely new way and what results are they achieving?
[26.03.2007 l Rok Hrastnik]

Using RSS Radars in B2B CRM

RSS Radars are not just a tool to help you enrich your website content and allow you to easily conduct business intelligence, but can also be used as a B2B Customer Relationship Management tool to help you maintain customer loyalty and provide your customers with some additional added value.