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Unique Pre-Dispositions

Every company is unique. Recipes that work everywhere and for everyone do not exist.

Simply copying and implementing a marketing strategy or tactic of another company will not work. It takes in-depth modification, adjusting every facet to the unique environment the company operates in, to the unique situation it faces and to the unique areas that influence it.

A company is not only defined by its current activities and relationships, but also by all of its past activities that brought it where it is today. Every activity created a consequence, which had its part in making the company what it is.

If nothing else, a company differs from its competitors in regards to the values and attributes its clients, partners and other public segments give it. These values and attributes should not be described as better or worse, but simply different.

Consequently, not even two companies are alike, meaning each and every company requires a different marketing approach, a different strategy and a different set of tactics and tools.

Key success factors of a specific company originate from this company's current position, direction and all other defining elements.

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