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Joe Vitale's New Book Launch Campaign

Joe Vitale has another bestseller up his sleeve, and has again employed his tested strategy on how to reach bestseller status on Amazon in just one day.

Simply go to Amazon, order his new book on how to make your life better, and get 59 additional free e-bonuses from Joe.

Click here for more details.

Again, a campaign to study and learn from. Especially since it already earned Joe a two-day-in-a-row #1 spot on Amazon.

And of course, the new book, Life's Missing Instruction Manual, is a perfect buy all by itself. And as far as I know Joe, his 59 bonus offer will only be available today.


hi Rok,
i am a student of international business and i have reached a stage where by i have to specialize in either finance , accounting or marketing.
i really like marketing but the prestige that it has got is very low especially here in the LDCs. is believed to be a last resort for academic failures.

i want to start up an initiative to bring up the image of marketing studies especially here in the LDCs. please advice

Posted by: AARON at May 15, 2007 4:23 PM

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